Chatto Creek Motorcycle Club



1000 MILER

Not planned for this year, but watch this space.  A new ride format may be upcoming.


Can you ride 1000 miles (1610 km) in under 24 hrs?   This is a ride that demonstrates your endurance and your bike's reliability.  You will ride through some of the South Island's most scenic areas and meet other dedicated motorcyclists.  This is not a race, and has been completed successfully on a 175 cc bike.  The secret is to ride at a smooth steady pace and not linger at stops. 

Only finishers under 24 hrs will get a badge and certificate.  Everyone gets a cooked breakfast on completion.  There are various novelty trophies.

The route will be announced at a pre-event social evening at CHATTO CREEK TAVERN on Friday, 3rd November.  Accommodation, campsite and meals available at the Tavern.  

The route will be new.   There will be some manned checkpoints and some self verified checkpoints where you will be asked to provide evidence that you were there.  (eg. computerised till receipts from specified locations, or digital photos of designated points).  These locations will be announced at the Friday evening social event, and again at the riders briefing 11:00 am on the Saturday morning.  There will be at least one manned checkpoint where food and hot coffee will be provided.

If there is sufficient interest a GPS route will be available for uploading at the 11:00 am briefing.

Entry forms below.

CHATTO CREEK 1000 entry-2013.doc CHATTO CREEK 1000 entry-2013.doc
Size : 265 Kb
Type : doc
CHATTO CREEK 1000 entry 2013.pdf CHATTO CREEK 1000 entry 2013.pdf
Size : 266.213 Kb
Type : pdf
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